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DescrizioneJob Description: The key challenge of this manager is to bring a very professional commercial service to a great diversity of accounts, agents and distributors, operating in many markets with great diversity of cultural and trade practices, managing essentially all orders and deliveries. The key responsibilities of the International Customer Service Manager are as follows: – Establish a relationship of trust with all agents, distributors and direct accounts; – Monitor and process all accounts into the Microsoft Navision system; – Assist in the preparation of sales meetings and trade shows; – Process all orders, confirmations, shipments and deliveries; – Handle all claims and returns; – Anticipate problem issues and manage them efficiently (e.g. late deliveries…); – Assist credit department in collecting funds when accounts are past-due; – Organize internal reporting of bookings and sales; – Communicate and work on all matters of interest to other departments. The Candidate: You are familiar with the way an Export Customer Service department works, and you have several years of experience in a similar position. You will get ample support from the company to achieve your tasks, and your new home will be in the beautiful surroundings of the Bay of Naples, should you originate from another region. Besides your experience in working in a sales / customer service environment: – you have an excellent control of the English language; – it would be appreciated if you also had a good control of the German language; – you are very comfortable with computers in particular with Microsoft packages; – you are detail-oriented and very analytical; – you are disciplined, reliable and punctual; – you feel comfortable in an international setting; and, it would be of great help to you and the company: – if you were already familiar with Microsoft Navision software, and – if your prior experience had been in the clothing industry.
Sede lavorativaNapoli
Tipologia contrattoTempo pieno
AreaAssistenza alla clientela
Data inserimento02 October 2017